Inspire your team
and protect them
from burnout
Adventure Designers
Our job is to help companies and entrepreneurs to be more productive through proper rest, recharge and inspiration
Find the right adventure for your business
Fantastic experiences, designed specially for companies, investors and entrepreneurs
For business
Prevent your employees from burnout, build superhero teams and get strong advantage as an employer.
For investors
Take perspective founders out from the comfort zone and talk to them in informal environment
For entrepreneurs
Recharge your brain for new accomplishments and establish strong connections with like-minded people
Avoid burnout.
How excited do you feel when you go to work on Monday morning? If not really, you are our customer.

Taking shorter breaks from work few times a year help professionals to recover better than a big vacation once a year.

The truth is, it is not a big vacation that helps you and your employees to feel fresh and ready for new challenges, but many meaningful weekends.