Travel Tech Conference Russia Agenda Preparation
We're moving on with the preparation for Travel Tech Conference Russia 2017. We've already figured out main subjects for talks and discussions and want to share them with you. Soon we'll be announcing our first speakers. Conference agenda might change.

Session "Technological trends in travel in 2017"

We'll discuss current state of online travel and industry trends in Russia and beyond. We'll present some industry stats and listen to the cases from leading companies.

Session includes:

  • Talk on current state of travel technology industry, trends and perspectives
  • Global startup experience and lessons
  • Panel discussion with representatives of Russian online travel agencies where they discuss present and future of Russian travel market
  • Talk from representative of one of the global travel services
"Disruptive Technologies and Venture Investments" Track

During this track, we'll discuss questions related to travel startups investments, will listen to first hand stories of success and failure from investors and startups. Also, we'll discuss rising segments of ground transport and tours and activities.

Track includes:

  • Panel discussion "Why you shouldn't invest in online travel"
  • Talk on tours and activities segment with q&a session
  • Panel discussion on ground transportation distribution technologies
  • Presentations of innovative services for online travel agencies
  • Travel startups panel discussion
"Online Tech in Hospitality" Track

During this track, we'll talk about latest trends in hospitality tech segment and discover how to stay up to date in the world of digital technologies, smartphones and big data. The track is prepared in collaboration with Open Hospitality Alliance.

The track includes:

  • Talk on the trends in hotel automation: booking, loyalty management, data exchange and "clouds"
  • Panel discussion "Reputation and sales" – how they influence each other
  • Discussion on hotel equipment trends
  • Talk on big data and business intelligence in hotels
  • Panel discussion on hotel distribution (direct bookings vs. OTAs)
"Online Tech in Aviation" Track

We're going to discuss, how airports and airlines work with new technologies, during this session. It includes everything from personalization to mobile marketing opportunities. The session is prepared in collaboration with international expert Miquel Rosand his companyAllplane.

Track includes:

  • Talk on passenger experience customization
  • Panel discussion "On the trail of Amazon" – how airlines transition themselves in ecommerce players
  • Talk on trends and innovations in airline distribution
  • Panel discussion on customer service innovation
  • Talk on onboard innovation - how technology transforms flying experience
  • Discussion on the ways for airlines to work with startups
If you're ready to give a keynote on some of the subjects listed above, we'll be happy to talk with you. Please, send your suggestions to We'll be also glad to discuss your suggestions on the topics that we might touch during our event.

Email at if you want to support our event.