Travel Tech Conference
Russia 2019

Beginning of October 2019
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Travel Tech Conference Russia is a annual event in Moscow that gathers world's leading professionals of online travel sector, leaders of largest companies in industry, travel entrepreneurs and investors.

Come for inspiration. The conference is dedicated to the most recent and hot trends of IT and travel industry. We discuss global and Russian technology trends, talk about opportunities for OTA, hotels and airlines.

Come for networking. We unite different sectors of the travel industry. Speakers are top managers and founders of the most interesting companies in the industry, sharing the unique experience of implementation of newest technologies and cases of unusual managerial decisions.

We also have good food, cozy rooms for talks and networking, invitation-only dinners for C-level executives of leading companies and afterparties with informal talks.

Travel Tech Conference Russia is a source of work inspiration
and professional connections for a year ahead

All talks are simultaneously translated to Russian and English

Organizers - Travelabs (Czech Republic) и HQ Agency (Russia)

Tickets to the conference
$220 before May 31

$290 from June 1
Ticket price includes:
Access to all sessions
Talks and insights from leading professionals of travel tech sector
Coffee breaks
3 coffee breaks to chat with speakers and conference attendees
Mobile app
Convenient way to find new contacts and meet fellow professionals from travel tech
Quality food for thought and for the stomach, as well as a great time to talk with colleagues
Time to informal and meaningful talk with event participants in a bar
Speed networking
Session of quick introductions to find new and valuable contacts
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What to expect of TTCR 2019?
Read the recap of Travel Tech Conference Russia 2018.

20+ speakers from 8 countries joined the conference. Amadeus shared their vision of future of industry and tools that tourists will use. Intent Media Inc talked about big data for better understanding of a customer. Aviasales announced the new technology of dynamic bidding for airline tickets., Travelata and Yandex.Travel discussed market trends anc current projects. Three leading startups — Bidroom, Mews Systems and Booklyng — shared the experience of hospitality innovation.

We discussed how OTA can compete with Google, and startups - with industry behemoths. Where do the travel and hotel technologies move in Russia and in the world. What tools and techniques hotels can borrow from tech companies to improve the guest satisfaction. How airlines can reach synergy with travel destinations to increase sales. How to scalable promote your business through travel influencers platforms.
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Travel Tech Conference Russia 2018
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Valentin Dombrovsky
Conference programme
Dina Salyukova
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Office address
119571, Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 158, office 0345
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