TTCR 2018 talks: hotel tech
More than 20 speakers from 8 countries are going to join Travel Tech Conference Russia. We'd like to tell more about them and about topics they will discuss.

Travel Tech Conference Russia: the detailed agenda

Hotel technologies will be covered by Marcin Wesolowski from Bidroom, Francesco Canzoniere from Booklyng, Richard Valtr from Mews Systems and Alexander Eshmekov from TravelLine

Marcin Wesolowski, director of operations at Bidroom (Amsterdam) has been a successful hotelier, worked as a university lecturer and travel writer. Today he's responsible for operations of Bidroom - one of the fastest growing startups in the travel sector.

Marcin will explain how a small startup can compete with giants of travel industry. During last decates travel industry went through dramatic changes, many things became faster and easier, but there are many challenges we still face, in particular dominating of new digital monopolies. How Bidroom deals with it and what they offer to hotels?

Francesco Canzoniere is CEO of Booklyng from Spain, the winner of startup competition at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2017. Francesco is coming to Moscow to talk about his experience how hotels and travel websites can increase their conversion and online sales in today's conditions.

Richard Valtr, experienced hotelier and founder of Mews Systems is going to talk how hotel can become more like a tech company. Many hotels still perform routine operations manually, using the labor of receptionists and managers. Richard will explain what hotels can learn from tech companies, how an iterative process can help your hotel respond to challenges, but also how lots of online tools can help you achieve better results by adopting a data-first approach.

Among Russian speakers, Alexander Eshmekov, hotel online distribution expert at TravelLine. Alexander is going to talk about new trends in hotel service distribution.

You can find all speakers in the conference agenda, and also buy a ticket before September 27 while they are 25% cheaper.